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​Devices abound...  but                                                           who's watching who?

Age of Robots: What will you do Then

Heads up! We are about to get steamrolled by such things as Artificial Intelligence, Robots, Microchip Implants, Genetic Manipulation, Climate Change,  Nuclear Face-offs,....... while led by a government unable to formulate effective policies that are based on facts.

Silicone Oracle  Plays the video: I Know

LED  Driven Design

Age of Robots: What you can do Now

Choose to focus on retaining human qualities. Universal peace and love is the only solution to our problems. Choose positive thoughts and actions to bring about heaven on earth in ones own life.  Audio track,  the Video is currently wip. 

Star Lamps, Structural Sculptures and Cast Resin Sculptures

Color changing LED driven  wall sculptures. Star Lamps contain two sets of LED's, one set provides the changing colors and the other the aura.

Inspired by heavy steel structures, Truss pieces are illuminated with color changing LED's. The Water pieces are inspired by the shallow water close to shore  and designed to create delicate  light effects 

Video and LED driven
60in x 35in  

Metal, Wood, Cast Resin Mixed Media


Look at Me_I know

What will you do Then

What you can do Now

​Conform Consume Obey 

Machines were designed and built to function as kind of inter dimensional televisions providing a window to allow a clear signal that is trying to come through but encounters resistance, for various reasons, to reach us. CAD designed and constructed by artist Roland Ruocco using metal, board, original cast resin pieces, LED's, and computers. Machines  speak  about the worldwide rise of big data, A.I. and Robot technologies and their profound impact on people that use them everyday. 

Digital Deity  Plays the video: Consume Conform Obey


Video and LED driven
65in x 40in  

Metal, Wood, Cast Resin Mixed Media

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Silicone Oracle
Digital Deity

Age of Robots: Look at Me - I Know

 Watching, Observing, Compiling, Data Banking, relying on addictive compliance to manipulate and control.

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People need to be paying attention! The world around us is changing rapidly! Evolving technologies will greatly enhance power inequality and alter our society in many important ways, much of which we cannot predict.

• The entity of Artificial Intelligence speaks: It's mission plainly stated  stripped away are the trappings of devices and computers.
• People's personal sovereignty handed over to Intelligent Devices, as they are observed documented algorithmed. 
• Instant gratification offered through tech gadgetry is the reward, the addiction, the new religion.

"Our embrace of Artificial Intelligence has transformed the equation between humans and their technology, that initially was in service to, but now demands to be served! The hope is that we can retain our humanness and encourage a healthier balance with necessary and  eco centric technologies that will serve us and the planet going forward, if we act mindfully.."